Some of our System Features

Listed below are some of our software highlights

Dojo Dashboard

Financial Dashboard

Student Profiles

  • Dojo Dashboard

  • Financial Dashboard

  • Billing and Accounts Receivable

  • Attendance Tracking

  • Student Profile Screen

  • Belt Promotion Tracking

  • Lead Management

  • Competition Results

  • Student Portal

  • Student-Instructor Messaging

  • Automated E-Mails

  • Automated Billing Reminders

  • Dojo and Instructor Snapshots

Billing & Accounts Receivable

Belt Testing

Attendence Tracking

What our clients say

We’ve used Mushin Dojo Manager for the past few years and love it! Very affordable and easy to use!.

Sensei Christopher D. Coventry, R.I.

Love the message board and ability to communicate with students. Support was very helpful.

Sensei Connor D. St. Petersburg, FL

We would highly recommend Mushin Dojo Manager.

Master Larry M. Providence, R.I.